Important info if you believe your MacHighway site was hacked over the weekend.

We will have more information regarding the events of this weekend coming soon in an email.
Currently our support department is overwhelmed with requests, many of which we believe to be resolved at this point.
Our security team believes that we have repaired most, if not all, of the hacked sites. If your site was hacked, we ask that you perform the following steps.
1) Clear your browser cache (instructions here for most browsers) or open a new browser that you have not viewed your site on in some time.
2) Reload your site’s homepage.
You should see your site’s correct homepage and no longer see a hacked screen.


If your site is now fixed, and if you have opened a support ticket, we ask that you close that ticket. To close the ticket, please follow the steps below:
Open the auto-reply email that you received when you opened the support ticket (with the subject line which begins with [Ticket ID:…) and click the link that follows the text:
“You can view the ticket at any time at…..”
Once you are viewing the support ticket online, we ask that you click the red “Close Ticket” button. This will help us ensure that tickets which still need to be addressed are given proper priority.
If your site is still hacked, please accept our apologies. If you have an open ticket, please be patient and know that we are doing our best to address your concerns. If you have not yet notified us of the hacked site, please email us at with the domain name of the hacked site. We will do our best to respond to your needs as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience as we work through these difficult issues.

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