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Creating a Personal Website? Here’s How to Create a Website!

According to TopResume, having a personal website can help job recruiters find you more easily and will give you a competitive edge of other applicants. However, even if you’re not applying for a job, creating a personal website is a great idea simply to increase your digital reach and presence. If you’re a Mac user then […]

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Top 5 Web Design Tools

Building a website can give you the ultimate platform for anything from your own business to a personal blog. Websites are the foundation of the internet. How do you build a website, though? Working in web design requires years of programming knowledge and intimate design knowledge. Do not worry! There are web design tools out there […]

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Mac-Friendly Web Hosting Defined: Who to Trust and Where to Host

While there are millions of developers and purists who might argue against it, there’s no doubt that Mac is the ideal development environment for lots of users. Finding the right Mac-friendly web hosting environment is a challenge but if you can find one, your development and hosting can work more seamlessly. Knowing who to trust and […]

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